WEEK 1  

IST Investigates customer building. We analyze interval data and work with electrical bills.


 A proposal is presented with a thorough financial analysis.

WEEK 4  

Customer commits to moving forward with a proposed system and a site visit is scheduled.

WEEK 7  

Engineering is confirmed and a contract is signed.


Electrical drawings are completed and submitted to all interested parties.

                         WEEK 10         

The general contractor submits utility interconnection 

  and permitting paperwork

WEEK 14  

Building & electrical permits are approved.

WEEK 21  

The utility approval to proceed is received.

WEEK 22  

Our Chief Engineer sources the best possible equipment to be ordered for your system.

WEEK 27  

Equipment arrives at the job site and is thoroughly inspected.

WEEK 27.5

The energy storage system is installed.

WEEK 29      

The project passes building and electrical inspections.

WEEK 32  

The project receives utility permission to operate and is commissioned. The system begins to work with our machine learning process to continually improve itself.