IST is a full service energy storage firm with a team of analytical, chemical, electrical, and structural engineers that oversees the installation of your system from start to finish, no matter the variables. We begin with the interval data on your building along with a few electrical bills to get started on our analysis.

Afterwards, there’s a general timeline that we follow, however each project’s timeline varies from situation to situation.

The following is an example of a typical install over the course of 8 months.

WEEK 1  

IST Investigates customer building. Interval data and electrical bills are submitted to IST, and we generally turn around a proposal in one to two days.

WEEK 2  

Customer commits to moving forward with a proposed system and a site visit is scheduled.

WEEK 4  

IST Engineers an energy storage system to maximize your financial outcome and produce the best results possible. Our Chief Engineer seeks out the best possible equipment at the best price.


 Electrical drawings are completed.

WEEK 7  

Engineering is confirmed and a contract signed.


Electrical drawings are completed and submitted to all relevant parties.

WEEK 10  

The General Contractor submits utility interconnection and permitting paperwork

WEEK 14  

Building & electrical permits are approved.

WEEK 21  

The utility approval to proceed is received.

WEEK 22 

 Equipment is ordered.

WEEK 27 

 Equipment arrives at the job site.  Equipment is inspected by our Chief Engineer and passed off to our contractors to begin installation.

WEEK 28  

The energy storage system is installed.

WEEK 29  

The project passes building and electrical inspections. System is turned on.

WEEK 32  

The project receives utility permission to operate and is commissioned by our CTO. A report is generated then the machine learning process begins to continue to improve the performance of your system.


IST will continue to monitor your system 24/7 and provide two site visits per year to provide operations and maintenance services on your system. Our Chief Engineer will be on call for questions if need be.