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C H A I R M A N O F T H E B O A R D - J A M E S M C D O U G A L L -   is an entrepreneur, CEO, global connector, advisor, venture capitalist and start-up professional with global experience in building high performing teams, commercializing new technologies, leading companies in their crossing of the chasm and implementing strategic pivots, turn arounds and corporate restructuring necessary for rapid growth and value creation. He has held several Executive and Non-Executive Board assignments in North America, Asia and Europe as CEO and Managing Director, Director, Non-Executive Director and Advisor. Raised over $300 million for early-stage and growth equity, M&A, corporate and a capital restructuring, project financing and government grants for 7 different start-ups and SMEs. 

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L E W I S K W I T - As President of Energy Investment Systems, Inc. (EIS), which was founded in 1983, Lewis oversaw energy consulting projects in diverse buildings throughout NYC. During the past quarter century, the company has addressed significant institutional, technological and policy issues and conducted innovative research and work in the energy field at the city, state and national level. At the forefront of analysis and reform in government energy regulation, EIS responds quickly and efficiently to target the needs of clients in the rapidly changing residential energy arena.

In recent years, EIS has focused in implementing advanced technologies that allow multifamily buildings of all income groups to benefit from electric deregulation. The company has developed a new paradigm of electric conservation that uses time-sensitive pricing to affect discretionary electric usage and produce financial returns for EIS clients. His multifaceted experience has come together in several innovative energy-use projects, including the city’s first Real Time Pricing (RTP) project.

Lewis is a minority partner of IST, bringing his years of experience and industry contacts to the board.